ONEm commercial video with a provocative appeal

Business Overview

ONEm - A Global Mobile Communications Ecosystem


Eliminating the Dumb-Pipe

  • For the first time Mobile Operators can earn from a wide range of e-commerce and premium content services utilizing their existing assets.

    ONEm means more choice for both Mobile Operators and Mobile Users.

    ONEm is a new channel for existing and new stakeholders. Click Here..

ONE Solution

  • ONEm enables Mobile Operators to benefit directly by providing their subscribers with internet style global communications, Content, Services and e-commerce over voice and SMS.

    With ONEm and partner Mobile Operators subscribers will be able to access these services without the need for data and on any ordinary mobile device.

Two Problems

  • 1) There are three billion mobile users without data who would love to enjoy access to the content and services the internet provides.

    2) Internet-based voice and messaging communication is impacting the mobile operator's core business as well as they gain no direct revenues from business generated over their data.

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